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Digital Channels Creative Direction/User Experience Leadership

Andrew Gold served as the Digital Channels Creative Director in the Silicon Valley area for OMIX, and Bank of America. He has helped to launch effective, consistent and delightful online products. Complementing his hands-on design and development skills, he specializes in leading teams of visual designers, information architects, content designers, usability experts in addition to working hand-in-hand with technology teams and business development to produce effective and beautiful online products.

Digital Product Management

Large-scale projects involving cross-functional teams, tight timelines and large budgets require a unique kind of product manager. Andrew has helped clients succeed with high-impact, high-profile interactive/digital projects with demanding schedules. Andrew's expertise in user experience, design, team leadership, effective project management and technical expertise ensure success — delivering a quality product on time and in budget.

Social Media Business Strategy

As web innovation with social and mobile advances, having a winning, well-planned strategy is key. Bringing a vision to life through the technology is part process and part art form. Andrew works closely with corporate leadership teams to design winning social business strategies for application across the enterprise. Included in the process are simple and clear objectives, metrics and data analysis and roadmap creation for innovative product development.

Online Community Design & Development

Andrew has expertise in building and launching online communities from strategy, concept, design, integration, adoption, launch and support. He specializes in working closely with internal teams leading major social media projects that align with management direction for brand and marketing. See Wells Fargo Community, Small Business Online Community, SBOC Phase II, and JCC Association Online Community.

Creative Marketing

AKGold has expertise in creative marketing and communications that deliver measurable results across online, social, mobile and traditional channels.

Strategic Internet Consulting

Technology is just a tool. Simple, elegant solutions are the key to a successful venture. Andrew has a strong track record of success for the design and implementation of internet initiatives. From project management, team building, team leadership, and branding, Andrew follows a proven methodology to reach goals and get results.

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