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Walk with Me through the Internet

"I just returned from Italy yesterday and read Walk with Me through the Internet--and loved it. I learned a lot in such an easy and gentle way."

—Carol Field, New York Times Bestselling Author (Celebrating Italy, Italy in Small Bites, In Nonna's Kitchen)

"Walk with Me through the Internet successfully presents a complex subject simply, without making it simplistic. That's a difficult task."

—Ellen Woods, Assistant Vice Provost, Stanford University

Project Description from Andrew Gold

Book Cover

Know Your Audience

I wrote and illustrated Walk with Me through the Internet to help Internet newcomers learn how to use the Internet in an easy and enlightening way. It was a fun side project while creating leading online products as the Creative Director of OMIX, Inc. in Silicon Valley at the start of the web revolution.

Most computer books lack character and are dry and technical. Walk with Me is my contribution to the intuitive approach to learning something new by relating the topic through the eyes of the audience. It's infused with personality and character. In other words, it's hard to sound easy and easy to sound hard.

Simple is Hard

Many times ideas and concepts are not difficult, they are simply poorly explained by self absorbed "specialists". If the experts were really smart, they would take the time to get to know the audience and communicate on the same plane. That's one of my unique talents is knowing the audience and the message.

Delight the Audience

Having complete control over production enabled me to personalize every aspect of the book which partially explains why customers loved reading it. Being a part of the Internet and Web revolution in 1995, 1996 and 1997 inspired me to share the passion. In 1995, the web was just starting and only a few million users were online.

The Power of Good Communication

The ability to learn new concepts, integrate them, process and then clearly explain them is one of the important skills that enables me to succeed in consulting with Fortune 500 companies. Companies and organizations are looking for people who can outperform the competition and this is only possible if a person truly understands all aspects of the challenge and can clearly communicate this information to the team.

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