Wells Fargo Community
"Andrew has a deep expertise in online community development, in particular with the Jive Platform, which he combines with his unique background in technical development, creative design and project management. The result? He was able to kick our project in to overdrive, ensuring a beautiful product delivered on time. He thinks about every detail and cares deeply about the finished product. Andrew is the kind of person that can take an idea to flawless execution!"
—Kimarie Matthews,
Vice President, Wells Fargo Social Web Team

Wells Fargo Community

Wells Fargo, a leading financial institution in the United States with 1.3 trillion in assets and a Fortune 20 company, needed expert help building its social online product offering. Serving as the Senior Technical Program Manager (full time, in-house consultant), Andrew managed the projects, platforms and products and collaborated with large internal and external cross-functional teams (Legal, Risk Management, Compliance, Brand, Customer Experience, vertical line of business, technology partners, and vendors) to help deliver effective social products.

Building Wells Fargo's Social Platform


The flagship product, Wells Fargo Community, entered private beta launch in March 2012. The first line of business partner is Education Financial Services. This large scale, public-facing community is the first fully social platform geared at truly social, user-based communications for Wells Fargo. Andrew carefully and systematically managed the product development to ensure the vision and team stayed on point. The business case involves customer service, search engine marketing and organic search along with building the brand.

Social Solutions for the Enterprise

From internal team member communities to Social CRM for business pain points, Andrew helped develop innovative concepts and functional prototypes for Wells Fargo employees and customers. These integrated enterprise solutions helped bring the future one step closer for an eCommerce financial leader.

Extreme Project Management

This large effort required a project manager skilled at translating innovative and complex strategies into an executable plan — and then adeptly execute it. Andrew relied on his ability to manage and deliver using a variety of project management methodologies to help lead and motivate the team. The project plan was extensive (including more than 700 line items) and an overall visual project plan for executives helped highlight the key work steams, tasks and timelines.

Social Information Architecture

Andrew created the site architecture/flow chart diagrams integrated with the requirements documentation where he detailed the page by page descriptions for the online community platform. It helped the team make better decisions based upon better knowledge.

Clear Documentation. Better Development.

The high-quality and thorough project documentation facilitated better communication with the team and partners and helped clarify specifications for the extensive customizations to the platform.

Measuring Results

Measurements and analytics were critical project components. Setting KPI's, creating reporting dashboards and selecting the key tools for measurement, Andrew relied upon his strong analytical background and experience with online and social metrics to drive this effort forward.

Mitigating Risk

Wells Fargo Community employs highly advanced risk mitigation processes. Working closely with multiple risk teams, the core team identified risks and implemented a multi-layer plan as well as platform customizations.

Going Mobile

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. The solutions included mobile use cases and integration with mobile and tablets for a holistic user experience.

Outstanding Research

In leading the development of the program, Andrew helped to formulate a winning strategy based upon competitive analysis and positioning, industry reports, data analysis, business case and metrics, the value drivers, growth rate, and integrated social marketing strategy. He helped the team formulate clear guiding principles to focus the vision through development of the program.


Wells Fargo Community has a deep integration plan with multiple channels including online, Twitter, blogs, and Facebook.

(Another) Successful Jive Partnership

Wells Fargo selected industry leader Jive Software as the foundation for many of the social products. Having worked closely with Jive since 2007, Andrew leveraged his online community experience, relationships and knowledge of Jive SBS to streamline and improve the development cycle and ensure a fully-functional product that met the rigorous quality standards of Wells Fargo.

"I've had the privilege of working with Andrew on a large, public-facing Jive site for over 18 months. During our time together, Andrew has proven himself to be detail-oriented, fully engaged and always willing to actively work with us to scope out and plan the most thoughtful customizations to the project. He has taken it upon himself to learn a great deal about the platform, which led to asking relevant and thoughtful questions, and has offered creative ideas to every stage of the project. Andrew is very organized, and I highly recommend him."

— Heidi Staats, Technical Program Manager, Jive Software


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