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Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

"Working with OMIX was a pleasure. We wanted to project an online image that was consistent with our sense of ourselves as an organization, something understated and refined and very professional. The OMIX team really made it their business to help us achieve our goals. We're very satisfied, and definitely comfortable recommending OMIX to others."

— Laura VanBuren, General Partner & CFO, Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe

WCAS is the leading private equity investor in health care and information systems in the United States. WCAS turned to OMIX to bring them to the Internet in the beginning of 1997.

AKGold Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

I produced this site while Creative Director of OMIX, Inc. I led the design team to produce the main website for Global Internet and Global Internet recommended OMIX to WCAS.

This site adeptly satisfied the WCAS design objectives of refined yet understated. For many years this version of the site served its business objective. What seems outdated today was at that time impressive. Websites have consistently evolved and sometimes knowing the past gives one more powerful insights into the future.

We were in the process of taking the site live when WCAS made a cash bid for Compuserve. A few journals jibed about the humor in WCAS purchasing a major Internet company while not even having a website. The articles and potential acquisition gave an added boost to finish the project ahead of schedule.

Satisfying the client has always been a key driver of AKGold projects.

AKGOLD Responsibilities:

Vision. Experience. Results.
Leading digital product strategy, design and development since 1995.
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