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Acumed Stableloc Brochure

AKGold Accomplishments

AKGold helped rebrand Acumed. AKGold produced this corporate identity and brochure for Acumed, Inc. to help market their line of orthopedic external fixation systems to their representatives and orthopedic surgeons all over the world.

Acumed concentrated its time and resources on making the highest quality products. Acumed selected AKGold because of Andrew's visual design and marketing expertise.

Acumed was thrilled with the final result. Communicating a positive new image layed the foundation for the Acumed brand and established reputation of quality that translated into increased recognition, greater awareness and higher sales in the new century. Acumed's polished and focused corporate identity contributed to Acumed's acquisition by Marmon in 1999.

While AKGold concentrates on digital media and Internet communication systems, sometimes cross channel tools are necessary to reach the audience.

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