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Small Business Online Community: Generation 2

Bank of America's Small Business Online Community launched in 2007 (see Generation 1) on time and in budget under the leadership of AKGold. In 2008, the community grew to tens of thousands of members, millions of page views, and thousands of posts by users. The goal for 2008 was to make several improvements to all aspects of the community in addition to laying the foundation for social networking and a new technical platform.

Continuous Improvements

The team looked carefully at each page of the Small Business Online Community and created a long list of improvements. Based upon research, use cases and analytical data, the team prioritized this list and set schedule to optimize implementation.

Andrew helped to keep the team focused and guided the project to successful completion.

There were multiple types of improvements including: design, configuration, nomenclature, new features, functionality, optimization, etc. We also worked with iCrossing to implement a host of search engine optimizations enhancements that helped pages in the community be searchable and ranked highly.

Continued Success with Jive Software

Andrew continued his strong partnership with Jive to ensure success. He worked closely with Jive software engineers building off the strong foundation from the preliminary partnership in 2007.

"I worked very closely with Andrew while working at Jive Software. Andrew was serving as Creative Director and Project Manager for the Bank of America Small Business Online Community. I was leading the development team that highly customized our Clearspace product for that site. This was an extremely demanding project with tight deadlines and an enormous number of features. Andrew demonstrated an outstanding set of leadership qualities that carried us though that rigorous schedule to deliver a high quality product, while maintaining great humor and perspective through the situation. First off, his level of commitment was inspiring. When the need arose to expedite communication, he came on-site and directly integrated with our team, to make himself available to clarify all the many requirements that needed to be fulfilled. Next, I think he has a great design sense and eye for detail, which is the critical difference between good and great web sites. His vision for the product and genuine passion for a high quality end result inspired my team, and drove us to carry the project through to the end. He was very generous with his appreciation of our efforts, which encouraged us and made us care all the more for the project and end result. In a later phase of the project, he delivered us some very high quality, well thought-out requirements, and very useful diagrams and designs for carrying them out. They were so complete that they needed almost no explanation, and we were able to carry out development very quickly."

— Greg Weinger, Professional Services Engineering Manager, Jive Software

Generation 2

Bank of America's Small Business Online Community launched Q4 of 2007 (see Generation 1). The goal for 2008 was to make several improvements to all aspects of the community. These improvements helped guide the growth of the community to over 60K registered members, hundreds of thousands of visitors and tens of millions of page views.

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