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A Success Story

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Product Page

OMIX, Inc.

"Omix has an established reputation as a field-proven provider of Castanet-enabled solutions for the extended enterprise. Based on the success of our working relationship, OMIX recently expanded its business relationship with Marimba by becoming an authorized reseller. We believe our combined technology and development expertise will allow businesses to reduce the cost and complexity of distributing and managing network applications throughout the enterprise."

— Kim Polese, President & CEO, Marimba, Inc.

"In an industry that moves at the speed of light, getting a project delivered on time and within budget is critical. When we wanted to inform the broadcast and production world about our new Betacam SX line of products, we wanted a Web site up fast. We turned to OMIX, and they came through with a high quality design and outstanding service. OMIX exceeded our demanding expectations, delivering the site on target and on time."

— BaoHuong Phan, Internet Marketing Specialist, Sony Electronics, Inc.

"OMIX has been integral to our success. OMIX has consistently performed in a very professional manner, delivering a high quality of service often under the most extreme deadline pressures, and has managed to perform on time when demands seemed virtually impossible."

— Mark Nieker, Executive Vice President, Mindscape Online Publishing

Project Description by Andrew Gold:

A Silicon Valley Startup

I was the Creative Director of OMIX from 1995 through 1998. OMIX was a highly technical Internet consulting firm that the owners Terry and Sandy Lillie launched in 1994 to provide turnkey transaction systems using Internet technologies. OMIX stands for Online Marketplace Internet Exchange. Terry Lillie had been the Chief Technology Officer of several companies and his technical work with Dow Jones helped make him one of the most respected names for security expertise in Silicon Valley. (Terry is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Wireless Security Corporation which was acquired by McAfee in 2006.)

The 2nd Employee

OMIX hired me as their second employee. We eventually grew to over 30 employees. I started in the owner's home. In the fall of 1995 it was just Terry, Sandy, Harold Sasaki and me. Eventually John Chang joined and the five us worked together as the core team. Terry was the security and computer systems expert; Sandy managed the business accounts; Harold set up the databases and created html templates, I led the visual design and John Chang specialized in programming. There were computers of every operating system all around their home. Terry was running Solaris, HP UNIX, AIX, Next, BSD, and other flavors of UNIX on different computers strewn all over their home.

We moved into an office in 1996 when after hiring the 18th employee, we had to station his computer on the cooking counter in the kitchen because all space had run out.

Evolving into Profitable Company

OMIX evolved into a premier Internet technology and software solutions company located in the heart of Silicon Valley that has produced hundreds of transactional websites leveraging powerful UNIX servers, industrial strength databases, all kinds of middleware from JAVA, C, Perl and so on, and fully integrated solutions. Their clients include: Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, MCI, Global Internet and OMIX revenues grew from 200 thousand to over 2 million dollars from 1995 to 1997.

Building the Creative Department

As the Creative Director, I built the multimedia department from the ground up which provided us with a strategic advantage. Nowadays it seems obvious to have a compelling multimedia combined with powerful transaction systems, but in 1995 both the concept of the Web and the power of Internet solutions were new. OMIX was a pioneer. The design and marketing capabilities that I brought to the table enabled OMIX to win key accounts.

Our Design Department followed the OMIX Design Methodology throughout all design challenges which included: sales presentations, multimedia/executive presentations for clients, website design, graphical interface design, web promotion design and marketing materials to promote cross-channel sales and marketing campaigns.

Since 1994, OMIX has been evolving and providing robust, cost-effective and groundbreaking solutions that achieve their mission as gracefully as the Mobius winds.

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