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Product Page
Product Page

MCI Corpstore

The MCI Corpstore site sells a complete range of products featuring the MCI logo. The site is for customer and employee awards and redemptions.

AKGold Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold)

I developed this site while Creative Director at OMIX. It was a supplement to the MCI Collection Site that the OMIX multimedia and Internet transactions team created working hand in hand with a tried and proven methodology.

MCI successfully sold a wide variety of merchandise through the site.

I developed a scripting mechanism that produces the site from the exported information in a spreadsheet. The script reads in the variables, opens up the template files, then writes the html files in their appropriate places.

This site was produced before the MCI/Worldcom merger. A joint effort between Wood Associates, MCI, and OMIX, this site and the entire group of corporate store sites demonstrate the advantage of outsourcing. MCI concentrated on the promotional effort, Wood Associates provides the content for the products, and OMIX fuses the MCI brand and products into a successful transactional website.

AKGOLD Responsibilities:

Additional OMIX Asset Deliverables:

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