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Product Page was formed in 1998 and it turned to AKGold Internet to create and implement the eCommerce website in 1998. In 2000, Andrew Gold became a co-owner.

AKGOLD Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

From strategy to business plan, audience analysis, market potential and marketing strategy, I helped set the course for's launch in 1998. I collaborated with the founder Oliver Quinn to establish suppliers, streamline the business model, define salable products and then we created the logo, design theme, and website that complemented the strategic business model.

In addition, I designed the scalable commerce system and product update mechanism which was database driven and used templates to easily update product pages. The site was hosted at OMIX, Inc. who was my strategic technology partner.

From 1998 through 2002, delighted tens of thousands of customers and their families, friends and clients, with the highest quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices.

When the time was ripe, made an arrangement to sell its assets. From the experience I learned about starting and running a company, marketing the product, selling the product, and using Internet technology to support the selling, processing and distribution of a product throughout all 50 states.

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