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Cisco Systems Server Upgrade

OMIX teamed up with Direct!Direct! to leverage the power of the Internet to spearhead Cisco System's server upgrade campaign. The mission of this transactional website was to obtain, qualify and distribute leads to the Cisco's sales force.

AKGold Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

I outlined the architecture of the information as well as designed this site while Creative Director of OMIX, Inc. in 1996.

In 1996, the world had not yet caught on completely to power of the Internet for business. Cisco System, maker of networking equipment that powers the Internet, understood where the future was going to be and Cisco saw the Web as a huge business tool. Cisco Systems turned to OMIX to help them create this server upgrade site.

Cisco decided to use html tables for this site, a new technology at that time! Many of the html interface elements were new and that meant incompatibilities with older versions of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer was just starting to gain market share.

I was working with emerging technologies that many of us take for granted today. The cross-browser compatibility issues commanded a lot of attention as well as graphical size limitations and effective site design, layout and coding.

The site features several helpful tools such as the Saving's Calculated, Product Selector, and the Network Access Planning Guide.

This project exemplifies the working atmosphere at OMIX of the Multimedia Team and Programming teams collaborating to create a turnkey solution from start to finish. This site was one of the first of its kinds and it was an exciting experience to be part of leading edge of Web development.

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