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Global Internet, Centri Security Manager

AKGold Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

The unprecedented growth of the Internet created changing market forces. Sometimes such forces affect projects and alter their course.

In 1997, while Creative Director of OMIX, Inc., I initiated the project with Global Internet to create both a website and a shockwave/Director presentation to market their new line of Centri Firewall products.

I was close to completing both projects when Cisco Systems acquired the Centri line of products for a little over $50 MM. Cisco integrated these products into their existing line of server solutions.

The end result was that the website never went live and the presentation is just a digital relic of the past. The good news is that our excitement was well justified. In the Internet landscape, planning on change is a critical component to adjusting to unforeseeable market forces.

AKGOLD Responsibilities:

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