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Health Network Prototype

Health Network Prototype

Calabria, Inc.

"OMIX has been our company's development partner of choice in the creation of Cabernet, our sophisticated Java-based health care application. In our experience, OMIX developers bring a high level of creative problem-solving in combination with extensive knowledge of emerging technologies. They met our client's challenges head-on and came up with working solutions that exceeded our expectations. And, in the process, OMIX made us look great!"

— Loren Spurgeon, President & CEO, CALABRIA, Inc.

Calabria™,an information and collaboration company, used Internet technologies for health care solutions. Calabria found OMIX at its booth at JavaOne in 1997.

AKGOLD Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

I headed up a number of projects for Calabria while Creative Director of OMIX, Inc. Calabria turned to OMIX for our specialization in creating cost-effective and powerful information systems maximizing cutting-edge and proven Internet technologies.

I focused on the interface design of the application, information architecture of the information, and branding strategies to help Calabria establish a clear marketing path for its flagship product, Cabernet. After designing the interface, I created the Cabernet logo and a brochure for Calabria to market the product offering to the health care professionals and health care providers.

Our main contact at Calabria was Loren Spurgeon who is the founder. I worked side by side the Bongo Interface expert at OMIX, John Malpas, as well as with our entire project team of system administrators, database experts and Java programmers.

Calabria has since shifted its business model and will be transforming the application into a Application Service which users will rent. The interface example two shows the new interface design which I developed in 1999.

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