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Personal Homepage Feb-August 2006

Personal Homepage September 2006; Non-Online Banking User

Personal Homepage September 2006; Online Banking User

Small Business Home Page Feb-August 2006

Small Business Home Page September 2006; Non-Online Banking User

Small Business Home Page October 2006; Non-Online Banking User

Small Business Products & Services Hub Page

Bank of America

"A huge thank you to Andrew for keeping this team on task and keeping us focused. Excellent leadership!"

— Merri White, eCommerce Marketing Lead, Small Business

"Thanks to your leadership we were able to execute this project in record time - only 6 weeks! You kept the team focused; organized; all the while maintaining a positive can-do attitude when accommodating some of our last minute adjustments...When we have other web design challenges for our small business website, I am hoping you will be the one assigned!"

— Sophia Tolsma, eCommerce Small Business Team

"This is truly a great accomplishment. Thanks to everyone on the team for making this happen in such a quick and error-free process. When I now compare side-by-side the Personal and SB Home Pages, I would make a case that the SB homepage is now crisper and simpler than the Personal page to easily direct owners to the right products and services...Way to Go!!!"

— Brad Schwai, eCommerce Small Business Sales and Fulfillment Lead The Most Trafficked Financial Organization Website in the World receives the most traffic of any financial organization in the world. comScore Media Metrix has ranked number 25 of all sites (July, 2006) with over 23.5 million unique visitors per month. Internal Bank of America data suggests this number may be closer to 30 million unique visitors per month. The Home Page receives about 157 Million Page Views per month. Of its annual revenue of over 80 billion dollars a year, is the most successful of its seven profit centers.

When Bank of America needed help managing the Home Page Redesign it turned to AKGold. Andrew Gold had successfully completed a major project for Bank of America in 2002 serving as the Design Team Lead in eCommerce. With a project of this level of exposure, Bank of America turned to a trusted and valued resource.

Andy Lester, the Unauthenticated Environment Lead, wanted more than just a usual Project Manager. He wanted someone with vision and a wide range of skills who could add value to the Home Page project from multiple levels. Thanks to Andrew Gold's role as Home Page Redesign Project Manager, millions of Bank of America customers and prospective customers have an improved experience when they come to

AKGold Accomplishments

AKGold Internet completed the Bank of America Home Page Redesign project on time and in budget. As a result of the Andrew Gold's leadership as Home Page Redesign Project Manager, millions of users have a easier and simpler user experience when visiting

Manage the Team & Process

The Home Page Redesign was one of the Bank's major initiatives for 2006. Andrew worked closely with each team member to clarify the process, team vision, and the most effective way to accomplish the goals. Having previous working relationships with the Bank of America eCommerce team helped the process flow smoothly.

Nail Down the DMAIC Process

An important step to launch the project was creating a Powerpoint presentation that served as both a Project Summary and Define Deck. It contained key information such as Voice of Customer data, Opportunities, Timeline, Team, Extended Team, Change Map, Project Scope, Multi-Generation Plan, User Profiles and all key bits of information that Bank of America required. Andrew's design skills and attention to detail brought clarity the the presentation. Voice of Customer data helped pinpoint key areas of needed improvement in addition to business partners' sales and traffic goals.

Promote the 3 Generation Plan

By promoting the Home Page Redesign 3 Generation Plan to key business partners and executives, technology and marketing, Andrew was able to clarify the vision and the timeline and build team concensus. The 3 Generation Plan consisted of three stages: Generation 1 - Continuous Improvements, Generation 2 - Bridge Home Page, and Generation 3 - Site Redesign. Andrew's presentation received a host of compliments due to its simplicity, depth, and clarity of vision. One business partner said, "This is the best presentation I have ever seen at the Bank."

Get to the CoreMetrics

Bank of America uses CoreMetrics to analyze traffic flow, user flow, and to compile a host of data about its website usage. When Andrew started the project, there was only minimal data behind previous changes to the Home Pages. Andrew greatly improved the analytical patterns and also worked with the MIS and AIS team to build more powerful data models of the user behaviors.

Connect with Technology

In order to cover all bases, Andrew engaged two technology teams: the Cold Fusion 5 team and the NGEN J2EE team. Bank of America was in the process of converting its Cold Fusion 5 Home Pages into the secure, Java-based J2EE platform and this required working concurrently with two tech teams for the improvements.

Make Continuous Improvements

The new Bank of America Home Pages are:

  1. More User Friendly—The sum of all the changes improved the user experience.
  2. More Intelligent—They intelligently present different users with different options.
  3. More Consistent—We reduced the amount of different links.
  4. More Focused—We reduced extraneous wording.
  5. More Engaging—We added visual appeal to synch with the Bank of America logo.
  6. More Optimized—We improved the Natural Search Optimization of the pages.

Small Business is Big Business

In addition to the Personal Home Page, Andrew managed the project for the redesign of the Small Business Home Page. The core team consisted of key business partners, technology teams, support and SEO.

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