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Alain Pinel Realtors

Alain Pinel Realtors is one of the premier realtors in Silicon Valley. APR turned to OMIX to create a revolutionary Internet system for the network of brokers.

AKGold Accomplishments

While Creative Director of OMIX, Inc., Andrew Gold created this QuickTime movie sequence that was integrated into the APR SAVY application. SAVY is a mission critical real estate application that Alain Pinel realtors use to essentially run their business.

OMIX created the application using Marimba's distributed Java application technology. It was one of the first major Java network distributed applications of its kind. Andrew Gold helped with the interface design and layout in addition to color arrangement and interface elements.

The President of APR, Carol Rodoni, wanted a highly compelling sequence that greeted new users to the application. After determining a compelling theme, AKGold outlined the options and then let the creative juices led the path to the gold spinning APR logo.

AKGOLD Responsibilities:

Vision. Experience. Results.
Leading digital product strategy, design and development since 1995.
Design and dev by Andrew Gold. Copyright © 2013 AKGold Internet, Inc.