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AllBusiness launched in 1999 and was purchased in March of 2000 by NBCi for $225 million in stock and cash. The goal of the company is to provide a one stop shop for all small business needs from information to services and products and AllBusiness' 130 employees were committed to this challenge 110%.

Andrew Gold accepted a full time, in-house consulting position with AllBusiness as the eCommerce Creative Director.

In the beginning of 2000, evolved its business model from the common revenue sharing with partner services and basic advertising to tenancy partnerships and core transaction systems like barter exchange and services exchange which provide a much greater potential for growth.

AKGold Accomplishments (Description by Andrew Gold):

Help AllBusiness with Business

A key role of this project was to help replace the team of web design contractors with a core team of full time employees whose competencies matched AllBusiness' new direction. I was hired by the Vice President of Technology, Michael Mimeles, because he knew that I had the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

I served as the main point person for the design of the website and was responsible for guiding Sapient's efforts.

Grow the Business

I was able to build the team, integrate the new logo and tenancy partnership designs, redesign Comfind to match our new design standards, and ensure that the new AllBusiness site remained clear and consistent by getting everyone on the same page of the design methodology and coding standards.

Direct the Business Directory

A key new area for AllBusiness was the Business Directory which empowered businesses to register their business listings and also find other businesses all over the world. The database was already loaded with 10 million records so we started with a strong foundation. Our visual design improvements streamlined the user experience and helped integrate marketing and advertising into the AB Directory.

Work Hard, Play Hard

At AllBusiness, we worked hard and with the long hours it was important to have fun too. Everything was moving quickly and I established solid relationships with marketing, business development, technology and senior management to help translate the vision of into the best business website in the world.

A Strong Finish

It was a whirlwind of meetings, strategy sessions, days and nights of web design and constant teamwork. After many intense months my job was complete and Sparky (a.k.a. Mat Bergman, a web design teammate, said to me my last day, "You left AllBusiness better than you found it and that's all you can hope to do." Of all the "Thank You's" that I received for my hard work, this one struck a particular cord with me coming from a respected teammate.

AKGold Responsibilities:

Vision. Experience. Results.
Leading digital product strategy, design and development since 1995.
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