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Bone Graft

Acumed, Inc.

Acumed makes a complete line of orthopedic implant products. When bones break, Acumed's products are the nuts and bolts that bind them together. In order to improve the company's image and increase sales, Acumed turned to AKGold to create a new corporate identity for the marketing of their products.

AKGold Accomplishments

AKGold proposed a whole new concept full of human challenge, vibrant color, and the clear branding of Acumed's highly precise and accurate orthopedic products.

The final designs were prominently featured as large, back lit trade show display panels. These designs became covers to their entire line of brochures marketing their complete product set. Acumed had a tight deadline and AKGold was able to come through without breaking anything, not even a sweat.

AKGold Internet specializes in Internet solutions. Occasionally opportunities arise to apply our design skills to other marketing mediums. AKGold produced a series of brochures for Acumed. AKGold hit a HOme Run with the Acumed Stableloc Brochure.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the bone graft does, it's best to ask after lunch.

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