Andrew exhibits rare combination of technical acumen and attention to detail with a personable attitude and tremendous energy. His efforts were instrumental in the success of our project on a very tight timeline. He deftly played an authoritative intermediary between the business owners at the client, and the engineering team here at Jive Software.
—Erskine Williams,
Director of Professional Services, Jive Software

Jive Social Business Software Consulting

Social business is changing the way that companies communicate within the enterprise and with customers. Jive is on the forefront of the social business revolution. Andrew has worked closely with the Jive Software team since 2007 on large scale online community development projects.

AKGold Knows Jive

Andrew Gold specializes in Jive Social Business Software consulting for the creation of external and internal communities based on value drivers and business positioning. He knows how to extend a company's online product offering and leverage the power of social business software to achieve outstanding results. Andrew's success with Jive has three pillars — knowledge of Jive's products and product roadmaps, working relationship with Jive's professional services engineering team, and expertise in online product design and development.

AKGold Jive Services

The AKGold Design Process ensures that the online community product and program development carefully aligns with the business needs while meeting all key internal controls and requirements. Several organizations have large challenges that require a specialist to guide them through the process and lead the internal team. Andrew specializes in in-house consulting with digital user experience and marketing teams. Non-confidential examples include the just launched Wells Fargo Community and Bank of America's Small Business Online Community Generations 1 and SBOC Generation 2.

Various shades of social implementation include collaboration, social networking, social media monitoring and social project management.

Internal/External Community Design & Development

Included in the social business lifecycle are strategy, business case, executive presentations, project/product management, design (personas, visual, interaction, editorial, usability, accessibility), customizations and implementation, adoption plan, production support, measurement and analytics. Good design is the difference between a mediocre, poorly thought out implementation and a highly engaging, well-designed community that people love to use frequently.

For internal communities, extending the offering with Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook integrates the community with Microsoft. The Social Intranet can reduce email, increase employee connectivity, and reduce time spent searching for info and experts.

Some areas of the AKGold Jive SBS process are:

Social Business Strategy

Following a proven process, defining and implementing a core strategy is a hallmark of Andrew's success. Business value drivers, business case development, competitive analysis and positioning, executive communications and opportunity decks are important deliverables to ensure a strong, well planned foundation. Having a vision with clear team principles will focus the effort throughout all stages.

Community Definition & Requirements

Crystal clear specifications and documentation help advance the community concept.

Community Design

Andrew combines his more than 15 year experience with user experience design with his knowledge of community design. This includes personas, visual design, information architecture (IA), interaction design (IxD), editorial design, usability, and accessibility.

Community Configuration & Implementation

With thousands of configurations to the Jive SBS system which is the same platform for internal and external communities, knowing the right options is key. Andrew has been working with Jive SBS since 2007 and is an expert in Jive SBS (back when it was called Clearspace and he would do pushups with the developers in their single office in downtown Portland!). From settings, forums, documents, blogs, mobile, projects, groups, administration, widgets, theming, applications, setup, and integration with big data, CRM, ERP, Andrew makes Jive work.


Gamification is about making business fun. There are many strategies for engaging users, encouraging and rewarding participation with points for activity and highlighting status. We've come a long way from the static web and gamification innovations will continue to drive growth across social and mobile.

Jive Customizations

Clarifying customizations to the platform and clear specifications for development are critical. The Jive development process is one of Andrew's key strengths. Creating the development project plan, specifications, UAT test scripts, and unit test scripts are included in this area.

Mobile Community

Adapting a community for mobile and tablet use is part of the AKGold design process.

Community Integration

Integrating a community with online, social and mobile channels requires a clear vision and roadmap.

Community Launch/Adoption Plan

A good launch plan is the difference between a flourishing community with members, influencers, excitement, content and growth, and a community that lacks focus and users.

Community Production Support

Having a moderation guide and operations manual are two important tools to the support of the community.

Community Measurement & Analytics

Obtaining the right metrics, analyzing the data and creating reports and dashboards are essential components for measuring the success of the community. Data tells an important story, the right data tells the right story.

About Jive Software

Jive Software (Nasdaq: JIVE) is a leading global Social Business company. Jive brings social technology innovations from the consumer world into enterprises securely and at scale, changing the way work gets done. Jive's platform combines the power of big data, enterprise integrations and social collaboration technologies. Millions of people at the world's largest companies are using Jive-powered communities internally and externally to transform their businesses.

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