AKGold Internet specializes in digital product strategy, design and development with financial services expertise. With over 17 years of proven results, AKGold Internet helps align online, mobile, and social initiatives with core business objectives. Andrew Gold, the principal, leads cross-functional teams while working closely with corporate leadership, user experience, marketing, and technology.
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Andrew has a deep expertise in online community development, in particular with the Jive Platform, which he combines with his unique background in technical development, creative design and project management. The result? He was able to kick our project in to overdrive, ensuring a beautiful product delivered on time. He thinks about every detail and cares deeply about the finished product. Andrew is the kind of person that can take an idea to flawless execution!
—Kimarie Matthews,
Vice President, Wells Fargo Social Web Team

Leading Online Product Strategy & Development

Millions of users daily cross online platforms and products with vision, design, and implementation directed by Andrew Gold. AKGold combines vision, process, design, and user experience knowledge to meet large-scale business challenges, create high-profile winning web solutions, and achieve measurable results.

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Design Inspiration

AKGold Internet builds innovative digital solutions with great design that people love to use. The Golden Gate Bridge is a constant source of inspiration for elegant and effective design and form meeting function.

About Andrew Gold

Andrew is passionate about creating effective digital channels products that people love to use. Since 1995 he has helped leading companies leverage the power of innovative technologies to transform their businesses and achieve consistent growth. Andrew has provided winning digital channels solutions for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, AllBusiness.com, CEA Global, the JCC Association, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Kaiser. He consults with midsize to Fortune 100 companies leading teams of internet professionals while working with leadership, digital user experience teams, marketing and technology. Building off his strong roots in Silicon Valley startups, he is also a leader in social business thought, strategy and solutions. Andrew holds a BA in Neural Systems from the University of Pennsylvania.

To learn more, see his LinkedIn profile at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/akgold

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Leading digital product strategy, design and development since 1995.
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